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Ryan Adams – Shiver and Shake Lyrics

Shiver and Shake Lyrics by Ryan Adams
Midnight coming, I can feel it in the air
I hear your voice, run your fingers through my hair
I reach out for your hand but I know it isn’t there
I pick up my phone and I shiver and I stare

Morning coming early every day
I can barely sleep, I been lying here awake
I close my eyes, I see you with some guy
Laughing like you never even knew I was alive

Maybe I’m a fool, doesn’t matter anyway
My chest is all tight, my hearts still aches
These are the days, you need double what it takes
I’ve missed you so much I shiver and I shake
I’ve missed you so much I shiver and I shake

I’ve been waiting here like a dog at the door
You used to throw me scraps, you don’t do it anymore
I miss your loving touch, I miss your embrace
But if I wait here any longer I’m gonna fade away
If I wait here any longer I’ll just fade away

“Ryan Adams – Prisoner” (Album Tracks) :
01 – Do You Still Love Me?
02 – Prisoner
03 – Doomsday
04 – Haunted House
05 – Shiver and Shake
06 – To Be Without You
07 – Anything I Say to You Now
08 – Breakdown
09 – Outbound Train
10 – Broken Anyway
11 – Tightrope
12 – We Disappear

Album: Prisoner
Released: 2017
Genre: Rock

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