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Kid Cudi – The Commander Lyrics

Couldn’t tell a lie, I been did mine
So I figured I’d be off to take off to somewhere new, ah
And make some memories, ah
Yeah, in the middle of the night
I’m standin’ in the moon’s beam
Blowin’ off some stream
Wonderin’ how I got so done with the high
Not so pleased, ah
No I wouldn’t let it show, ah
I always try and I’ll run my pride
And it keeps close
You very well know you can’t run from who you are, ah
Oh you should see, ah
I tune my mind, body, soul so close
To find out how I’m supposed to walk through these pieces of frames, ah

(Hey, oh, you’re in control, ah
So in control)
(So in control)
(So in control)

You are
The commander
You are
The commander
(Commander, commander)

Tryna catch a vibe, starin’ at the light
And I gotta make it count
The leaves bounce
Sorain’ over trees, ah
Oh look at me go, ah
In the middle of the day
I hear it in the privacy, can’t come down
It grows in my heart, not knowin’ where it goes
Search through pain, ah
And the wishes with the rain, ah
I seem to deny all that blindin’ light
That only glows to those that really can’t run
The skies, they are as clear they can be, ah
As clear as they can be, ah
No need to lie into your emerald soul
You usually know gold is in your throat, why not let it shine? Ah
Hey, you’re in control of the dream

(Hey, oh, you’re in control, ah
So in control)
(So in control)
(So in control)

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