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Grave Digger – Kill Ritual Lyrics

Kill Ritual by Grave Digger
Album : Healed by Metal
Release : 2017
Genre : Metal

Can’t wait to touch you
I watch you night by night
My blood red starring eyes
Watch you move, perverse delight
In my dreams I follow you
I watch your steeps in the light
You feel my cold cruel breath
But I’m out of sight

Swear you love me
You will survive
All my life
It just feels right

Now it’s time to bleed
Satisfaction guaranteed
Killing is so beautiful
Dying screams so lyrical
Now it’s time to bleed
Satisfaction guaranteed
Dying is no miracle
See the kill kill ritual
Kill kill ritual

I was born to love you
Don’t run and hide
My fingers touch your soul
My mind’s out of control
I took my knife, slit your neck
Ready for the last attack
What have I done
Took your life in the midnight sun

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