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Grave Digger – When Night Falls Lyrics

When Night Falls by Grave Digger
Album : Healed by Metal
Release : 2017
Genre : Metal

Hell awaits at midnight
Fires in the moonlight
Thunder sound from everywhere
Days of anguish and despair

Dark clouds in the sky
In the streets people cry
Hiding in the shadows
There will be no tomorrow

All my saints are gone
All my brothers lost their lives
All my memories turned to blak
Heroes fall and war is back

When night falls
I die for you
When night falls
You’ll die for me
When night falls
We die side by side
Nothin can divide us
When night is falling down
When night falls

Towers at the dark horizon
Gates will open, sun and rising
A one-way ticket to hell
Good bye to life, a las farewell

Trails of tortured victims
Punished by te system
Will never see the light of day
Suicide is the only way

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