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Phora – As Time Goes By

I love you like you’ll never know
I know we had our differences, but girl it’s time to let it go
Cause right now is when I need you the most
Things ain’t always what they seem until you see em’ up close
So can you see it?
If I said you were the one, would you believe it?
If I told you love is pain, would that be something you’d agree with?
Just leave it and see where life takes us
I know you’ve heard a lot of shit
But I promised it, no one’s gonna break us
Lying on the ground, looking at the stars above
Wondering if the angels are looking down on us
It got me wondering if Lalo can see me
Cause if he could, he’d probably be proud of me, life isn’t easy
I know it, especially when your loved one’s coming and going
I’m having trouble with my feelings, can’t show no emotions
Gave em’ everything I had, you can call it devotion
Did this for my people and my family, I hope that they notice
Yeah, but as time keeps passing
Everything changes, that’s the way things happen
I used to hate that I loved you so much
Cause when I felt like giving up
In my mind you were stuck
Stuck in my mind, shit I just couldn’t leave you behind
Till I realized that all I really needed was time
Cause time heals everything, even broken hearts
Run my fingers through your hair, till you kiss me in the dark
Form my hands around your waist, tell you everything’s okay
Listen, all I need is you girl, so tell me that you’ll stay
In touch with the soul, intact with the spirit
I wrote this song for you, I just hope that you hear it
But if not, at least I know I tried
Throw my ashes in the ocean, feel my spirit in the sky
Sometimes I sit alone, all alone and wonder why
Why life is such a motherfucking bitch and then you die
Well, shit I guess nothing’s guaranteed in life
I just hope you think of me before you sleep at night
I’m depressed, the doctor just says I ain’t eating right
But I feel like it’s something more than that
Cause it hurts to know that Brian has cancer
Cause that’s what my grandpa died from
So many questions with no answers
Guess these are the things you just can’t hide from
But I don’t wanna hide no more
I don’t wanna be shy when I look into your eyes no more
I don’t want nobody else cause baby I’m all yours
And I’mma let it be known from CA to the 904
Everyone needs someone, no one wants to be forgotten
Cause we all need someone to talk with
Someone that we can share our thoughts with
2 AM cartoons, rice krispies and hot chocolate
What I’m tryna say is that somebody for me is you
It was our destiny to meet, I know you see it too
But as time keeps ticking away
I love you like you’ll never know until the end of my days
Yours Truly

I feel your heart becoming close
I love you like you’ll never know
I feel your heart becoming so close
I love you like you’ll never know
As time is passing by
I sit alone and wonder why
I sit alone and wonder why

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