Lukas Graham – Hayo Lyrics

I don’t know what you’re trying to prove
But she obviously don’t feel tied down to you
You think she’s so right, but hey we know it’s so wrong
She might be a girl but everybody knows
They’re like “Hayo she wants some”
Everybody says “Hayo she wants some” she wants some

It might seem hard when I put it like this
But maybe you should treat her like the five that she is
You’ve got feelings involved and you’re not seeing straight
Your girl’s been around that’s what everybody says
They’re like “Hayo she wants some”
Everybody’s like “Hayo she wants some”

(Now, I’mma break it down for you)

I see you’ve got your problems and you’re trying to make it through
I can tell you everybody’s got them, but not as bad as you
“Hayo she wants some”
And everybody’s like “Hayo she wants some”

I’m sorry I’m the one to let you know what’s going on
You think that she’s a keeper but you’ve got to pass her on
You say you know her well, and she’s just your type
She might be good in bed, but she’s not a good bite
You see a good girl, will let them know she’s got a man
And start to walk away if they don’t really understand
She’ll be housecleaning, and cakebaking
And kissing you before babymaking
Don’t you know what everybody’s saying ’bout that girl?

They’re like “Hayo she wants some”
Don’t you know they’re singing “Hayo she wants some”?
And nothing’s really sad, but you cause they’re all singing it
“Hayo she wants some”
And even I’m tired of singing them lines when I see her like
“Hayo she wants some” she wants some
(“Hayo she wants some”)
(“Hayo she wants some”)
(“Hayo she wants some”)
(“Hayo she wants some”)
(“Hayo she wants some”)
(“Hayo she wants some”)

Lukas Graham Lyrics


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