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Meridian Dan – German Whip Lyrics

Driving a German whip
Driving a German whip

[Hook x2 – Meridian Dan:]
If you see man driving a German whip
Blacked out window, leaning back
See man driving a German whip
Look like a baller, P’s and that
I don’t kick ball, do I look like a baller?
See man driving a German whip
Who told you I move like pauper?
See man driving a German whip

[Verse 1 – Meridian Dan:]
Who told you I serve and flip?
Ride my bike on the Burnham Dip
Man talk but I’m gonna burn ’em quick
Mad man nutty on a Sherman tip
Dem man wanna mess with my aura
Someone said that’s bang out of order
Can’t make 6 foot man feel smaller
Treat dem man like private caller
I don’t wanna box man, trust me
Who told you that I got rusty?
Draw for the WD-40
Punch up big man, old like 40
Big boy bike, big ting 650
Moving along on the road too quickly
Pure big dogs in this bits
I never see no man chasing Frisbee


[Verse 2 – Big H:]
Man are big over there
Dem man don’t live over there
Man will take off ya wig over there
Don’t care who you’re with over there
When manaman’s hungry, manaman eat
Manaman’s tired, manaman sleep
Manaman talking, manaman speak
They link girls that manaman beat
Don’t be on a hero ting
Keep it moving, earphones in
Lickle man, man had to chief up him
Punch up Scratchy, chief up Trim
When manaman’s driving, manaman speed
Manaman’s smoking manaman’s weed
Give manaman space, let manaman breathe
When I arrive, manaman leave


[Verse 3 – Jme:]
Bad boy crep, German whip, not white Vans, or white vans
When boydem try ask for my name, I say old-school Meridian man
Guys better show respect if they see man pulling up in a TT (trust!)
Guys better show respect if they see man filling up in BP (trust!)
£20 of diesel mate, if I fill up my tank it’ll make me late
I ain’t gonna lie, I see you man on foot on the high road moving bait
Man’s just try’na stack paper, don’t watch what man’s earning
Man paid over 30 bags sterling, German whip but I ain’t in Berlin