Andrew Briol – A Better Day Lyrics

She sat against the wall
Pain heavy on her eyes
With no one to break her fall
Afraid she’ll fade out of sight
Now she’s hoping and she’s praying for a moon to come
So the tides won’t wash her away
Scared of crowded cities and all the people in it
She’s far from the town she came

Oh why do you go through this alone
When my hand that is here to hold
So let’s go, let’s go

Cause If you stay with me now
I promise you somehow
Il make you see a better day
When the rain starts coming down
I’ll take you above the clouds
So you can see a better day

Verse 2:
There’s no need to hide
Just start over again
You came here for a reason
There’s no time to pretend
So let your stress and your pain slowly fade away
The moment you take the stage
I’ll be here right by your side
Tell the world don’t be shy, that today is your brand new day.