Mykki Blanco – The Plug Won’t Lyrics

Mykki Blanco – The Plug Won’t Lyrics

Reflecting on the situation since your acting agitated, I just want a break from all the petty mental masturbation. God set me straight, please show me right, lets bridge this gap, lets please not fight.

You feel so numb, drugs got you gone. Don’t fuck my feelings yes I’m really coming home. Off limit topics pull the cover off i’m blown, love lock link handcuff me to bone to bone.

Cast away in my thoughts, daydreaming scheming getting top from a thot. Niggas try to roast me but they soft applesauce coming at me with them claws and you don’t know whats real because you only fuck with frauds.

I’m the truth and I’m a savage fuck the world and fuck the baggage at the plaza when we lavish the Ramada when we average, the world don’t get us I relinquish my trust, I’m insane for you baby yeah you got me fucked up.

CHORUS: Cuz The Plug Don’t Love me Like You, The Drugs Don’t Love Me like You

The Club Don’t Love me Like, Life don’t treat me right I’m so Mystified, Why do I need Love?

Why do we need love? Who fuckin needs love, I’m so Mystified.. Life Don’t treat me right…..

I know be looking nappy, yeah I’m scrappy but we happy, you possess a lovely fatty I’mma take it vigilante. Assuming we soul mates consuming them green grapes, honeymooning yeah we cruising down to Cuba with the safe.

One minute we so in it, next minute you so offended can’t believe I just defended all the bullshit you were spinning. I hold you special, fuck is the issue, I don’t see your best friend on the text agreeing with you? I don’t see that side of you your always trying to claim , talking bout you understand, talking at me like a lame

“And weed don’t make me feel like this, and lean Don’t Make me Feel Like This, And weed don’t make me feel like this and lean don’t make me feel like this”

I’m outta bounds with you, hate this battleground with you I don’t want the run around just wanna wear a crown with you, fuck the thunderclouds yea I’m loud and proud with you, your different, I believe it, I need you to see it.

Lyrics of Mykki Blanco – The Plug Won’t