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Phora – So Far To Go Lyrics

So Far To Go Lyrics by Phora

Yeah, it’s like these days it’s so hard to accept it
How far we’ve come and the places we headed
Now everywhere I go, they hug me and they scream
But this shit started with nothing but a dream
And I’ll never forget it
So crazy how much can change in a year
So crazy how when you blind to God can make it so clear
So many people I used to love, just hate that I’m here
And they all just fake like they care until they all disappear
Damn, but I guess that’s just the price you pay
For being you and not caring for what these people say
I used to be so affected by what they told me, what they said
But when I was lost in this world my soul would lead the way
So don’t tell yourself that you can’t when you probably could
Dream big but just don’t get too lost in Hollywood
See, right now I’m feeling fine, I feel like life is good
I’m taking shot after shot, won’t stop when I probably should
But it’s a celebration, here’s another toast for all
The times we fucking did it when they said we won’t
Told us we would fail, we had to prove ’em wrong
6 albums, 60 videos, 400 songs
So y’all can criticize everything but the work
I got these blessings from what they thought was a curse, nigga
I put my pain and my life inside of a verse
Just to say you gotta know yourself first and know what you’re worth
But they can’t take a nigga shine, they gon’ see me when
I step in
I knew this shit would happen, fuck the guessing, nigga
I’ll be sitting on 20 mil’ at 27, I’m working like a
Slave to be remembered as a legend
Look, this for my team, this shit’s for all my niggas
Those “when you need something, don’t hesitate to call”
Type niggas
I would never trade your loyalty for nothing
See, I got you, there ain’t no further discussion
Yours Truly, what up