Fireland – Hell Hotel Lyrics

Hell Hotel Lyrics by Fireland

Don’t need no reservation
There ain’t no checkout time
Zero chance for your salvation
Refused to toe the line

Succubi checks you in
Got your wages of sin
Please enjoy your stay
Hades right this way

Architect of their own damnation
Know they will never leave the…

Hell Hotel
Hell Hotel
Oh welcome to the…
Hell Hotel
Hell Hotel

Satan’s permanent vacation
Mortal ignored the signs
Succumb to all temptation
Indulged in a life of crime

We’ve got a vacancy
It’s too late to flee
You abandon all hope
How will you cope?

Cell of their own creation
Know they can never leave the…

Walk through the gateway
Accept this doomsday
Dantes Inferno
Why did you have to go?

Get set for annihilation
Know they can never leave the…