Fireland – John Rock Lyrics

John Rock Lyrics by Fireland

Born with this burning need inside
Strange and peculiar
Build on the strengths, they do exist
Genetic fever
Improve the reason, so I grow
Constant sacrifice
Just hope exhaustion doesn’t show
Need to feed this savage beast hiding below

Witness how my life turned out
I’m John Rock
Childhood dreams are all grown now
I’m John Rock
Hear me roar

Avoid the traps, we can not fall
It’s dark and it’s beckoning
Able guidance all along the way
It feels so healing
They tour the world, hear me bellow
Lots of new friends
So much love, why do I feel hollow
Need to reject despair, sadness and sorrow

Our time has come, do what we can
Feeling dependent
No turning back, that’s where we are
Why don’t you join the movement