Fireland – Rise Again Lyrics

Rise Again Lyrics by Fireland

I feel the need to shed my skin
Combust and burn like the sun
Escape life and run away
From the dark clouds rushing in
Weight of the world is crushing me
Cannot hide my selfless cries
When do I get to rise again…?

I used to fly high
Don’t want to be a casualty
I used to fly high
Blind to harsh reality
All of my dreams had died
Ruined so slowly
I used to fly high
like a bird that once was free
This phoenix must break the chains, fuel the fire, so it can rise again

My sins need power to overcome
No priest can make me whole
Plagued by my soul today
Nothing to lose, I can’t let go
The ashes of my guilty past
That keep me from the beautiful sky
I’ll be reborn when I rise again