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Loyle Carner – The Isle of Arran Lyrics

The Isle Of Arran by Loyle Carner
Album : Yesterday’s Gone
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Released : 2016

Uh, no I don’t believe him
Uh, but know that I’ve been grieving
Know that I’ve been holding out
Hoping to receive him
I’ve been holding out for G when he was nowhere to be seen when I was bleeding
Cuz, and with the choking and the wheezing
But still he dream of smoking potent in the evening
This is only for the heavens
Hold until the souls who need redeeming from the demons
Still ain’t folded when it’s freezing
There ain’t no-one to believe in
I’m on that man side
Damn right, doing it myself from a landslide
Standby, didn’t need no help from no damn guy
Man by, I’ve been making waves all my damn life
[?] step to my letter and I stand by it
Try it, we ain’t holding back if it backfires
Lax, not the ones who carry crack till they’re back tired
Thought they’d make a mil till it transpired

I ain’t like them damn liars
Uh, I’m saying I ain’t like them damn liars
Trust, told him I ain’t like them damn liars

So keep your mouth closed shut
Eyes wide open when that doubt rose up
Cause if that drought shows nothing but the clouds hold nothing but the sound, I’ll be running till the ground open up
Cause the best don’t change
Clinging to that whole one
My mother said there’s no love until you show some
So I showed love and got nothing, now there’s no-one
You wonder why I couldn’t keep in tow, son
I wonder why my dad didn’t want me
Ex didn’t need me
Half of them left, and the rest finna breeze me
It’s blessed till I second guess rest till it freeze me
There’s nothing to believe in, believe me

Little bit of life after death
Scatter my ashes when it’s my time to rest
With the lines I’m obsessed
Rhymes I posses
Can’t deny, seen the biggest guys cry to confess in a breath
Fresh death[?]
Unimpressed with the [?]
Left scars in the flesh
He’s the best
Worst kept spar in the [?]
Too far from the nest

So I never left and never thought about doing so
I to-and-fro from that prime time to a home
You see, I’m doing those nights I shoulda known better like whatever still my bredda’s say I’m too involved
But who would know what the family first is
Till you dream, see 3 family hearses
Worst is, wanted me to speak at the service
So I penned a couple bars didn’t need to rehearse it