feat. Charlie Wilson
Album: Us Or Else Letter To The System
Released: 2016
Genre : Hip Hop

Ehhh yeaaah
Oh la, sha ba da ba twee twee
Ohh heyy, yeaaah

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hm, put it on everything I ever loved
I was born in the bottom, no way outta there but selling drugs
I promised everything I ever did
Was done to get my momma out the ghetto since a little kid
Used to resent the shit my daddy did
Had it against him till I had a kid
And a baby momma with an attitude
And the baby don’t know how to set me and your momma ain’t compatible

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Bitch, now every day be shaped
And nigga nowaday reach other levels of hate, believe me
And you can tell when you see me
The same niggas from the songs and on TV
The lame niggas hating hard, never be me
The fame might’ve hit me hard, but I’m still me
Hm, and who would’ve ever thought
That y’all niggas trappin raw, wouldn’t leave till he did it all

[Bridge: T.I.]
I’m a real nigga man, I do this shit for y’all (what)
May you reach the top, pray you never fall (no)
Do it when the summer falls, spring on these niggas
Did my thing on these niggas
Talking 13 things on these niggas
Who will put the King on these niggas ride
Drop top through the project
Bumpin 2Pac with a Glock in my RS (damn)
I’m sayin’

[Verse 3: Charlie Wilson]
I know I swore to myself this life was all behind me, yeah
Man, I know what I said, don’t need you to remind me, no
But what I need you to do is find another way for me, yeah
And if you can’t then man, just pray for me
Cause here we go again

[Chorus: T.I. & Charlie Wilson]
Another (?) tryin’ to fit the bricks and the sticks in the stash
Oh lord
On a steady pace, know it ain’t a race
Through the speed limit on the dash
Oh lord
I’m on another trip right now
You can’t tell me shit right now
Cause I gotta get it some way somehow
Cause here we go again


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