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T.I. – Writer Lyrics

feat. Translee & B.o.B
Album: Us Or Else Letter To The System
Released: 2016
Genre : Hip Hop

My Ambitionz as a writer
I just wanna answer what y’all are asking
Pretty boys hang with the ball cappin’
Keep it up I should be hanging with the Kardashians
My Ambitionz as a writer
Just like bird has weezy, Jay had Yeezy
Pac had [??], club had meezy
[?] had meechy, Colch had [?]
Dre had Eazy, ya’ll got Yeezy
My Ambitionz as a writer
Yeah, writing my life in these songs
I feel like I’m righting these wrongs
So we need a pac but he’s gone
So I’m at the dome like “They know”
It’s not only me but the team strong
Been knocking and pounding like King Kong
I guess we’ll come back when you leave home
My Ambitionz as a writer
S**t I was smoking the keystone
I write ‘cus I want me a b***h home
I write ‘cus I’m selling the G-code
I write in a f**k n***a free zone, one hunnid percent
Everybody won’t get it
Writing is a heavy job, infiltrating youth and help them get a job
Help them start a business, help em stay alive, help them help themself and help them own a ride (its all bout the business)
My Ambitionz as a writer x2

Looking like you the neighbourhood watch
Why you wifing up the neighbourhood thot?
Where I’m from , they don’t make it to the top
We on’t f**k with 12, thanks for crooked cops
All out of favours, I’m all out of papers
I can’t be a doctor, I’m all out of patients
N****s be steady false claiming
I swear I don’t rap I just walk in and say s**t
I say the s**t they afraid to say
They say the s**t they get paid to say
I do this s**t on the day to day
F**k on your hoe with my labelmates
Out of Dubai, when I lay awake
Come back for that p***y, thats lay awake
She blew me so long, I ain’t see her face
King of the jungle, a win away
Lebron James, I’m a ring away
She blew my phone and it ring away
My car hard and my seats soft
Either way you flip it, it’s a brick a’ yay
Rich enough to eat my cake
Ike Turner and Annie Mae
Same s**t, different day, elevate, [??] business[??]

My Ambitionz as a writer x3

Narrated, culture curator
Middle finger for a pure hater
Back when Outkast dropped elevators
I was a young dope boy delegator
See I’ve learnt it ain’t what you do man, I’m more concerned with your motivation
Eazy-E, Pac, B.I.G and Pimp C, I celebrate em
Man I’m in the dope game when I was only [??]
You n****s commentating, you [??]
Better mind your business someday get you [??] popped
Better [??] or sumn
Hit your trap queen too, you ain’t Fetty Wap
See [?? I be writing cus it therapeutic
Go the fed time, so my mind bad
See so many murders, in the night when I go to sleep I can’t help but rewind back
I keep dreaming about having dime bags, a [??] and a .9 as [??]
On probation to get behind me, turn they lights on , shawty I ain’t even stop
An in the end , its just the same, I rap ’till I run out of gas and when I wake up

My Ambitionz as a writer x 3

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