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Yo Gotti – What Happened Lyrics

What Happened by Yo Gotti

We was just playin’ in the Ave. the other day
I never thought I’d be makin’ this song
This s---’s crazy, but look
I don’t even know where to start but

When I first met you, all you talked about was Wu-Tang movement
Then I introduced you to this Cocaine Muzik
And every other day you expressed your love for Ray
And your love for Ye then we used to debate
‘Bout how your partners in the industry thought I still sold yay
We were both geeked up by doin’ the deal with Jay
I got my first number one and you was on the run with me
Never want to leave the country if I can’t take my gun with me
You weren’t with the gangster s--- but yet you still hung with me
Next time I go to Disney, I’ma take your son with me
First we went to London, then we went to Dubai
You was off the Hen, I was smokin’, I got too high
Damn, time flies by

It’s like I knew your whole lifetime
We accomplished so much s---, my n----
We accomplished so much s---
We talked about so much s---
We done so much s---, like
You know me, I’m a stubborn m-----------
Like, I ain’t listen to nobody
I’m just movin’ how I’m movin’ and like
You were always just the n---- to get through to me
I don even know like, how you was able to do it like
Like with the whole s--- about
They were tryna get me to go for years and years
And I ain’t give a f--- how my money was, I just
I weren’t movin’ like that ’cause
All my n----- convicted felons
I couldn’t get the straps across the motherfuckin’ customs
I just can’t move like that bro, you know what I mean?
And I remember like [?] callin’ me late at night like
“You really need to do this for your career, this made it
Be on the biggest record in Europe right now”
And I’m still like, “F--- it”, you know what I mean like? I wasn’t even trippin’
And you’re like, “Bro we gotta go, man, we gotta go international, we gotta”
I’m like, “Man look bruh, I ain’t f-----’ with it bruh” you know what I’m sayin’?
I called you back that same night like, “We goin’ to London”

We used to walk inside the office give them people hell
I knew you was loyal when your partner went to jail
You never missed a court date, you stayed on the lawyer
And I know [?] gonna miss you he was really for you
Use to tell me to my face when I was full of s---
I ain’t tryin’ to win, I’ll do some other s---
I respect you for that more than you’ll ever know
I had issues with n-----, you told me, “Let it go”
You helped me realize I was bigger than just a street n----
Took your advice, got security but I still keep my pistols though, yeah
Took your advice, got security but I still keep the, pistols though

See like, I remember we could go back and back and forward about
Man you get too much money to be like
Ridin’ round with all these crazy a-- guns and
I understand them young n----- and
I understand y’all come from a certain life
But if you wanna go to that next level like
You gotta act like it
I ain’t gon’ lie, like that s--- just go through one ear and out the other ear
‘Cause I’m just from that culture homie
Like where I just don’t see nobody protectin’ me like me
These young n----- with me gon’ die with me but
Like I’ma die with them and this understood so
I just always felt like that’s that security, we our own security

You told me I’m still a superstar but that n---- crazy
I introduced you to [?], you say he’s amazin’
We both done f----- up ’bout Snootie, we had a plan for him
We know he had his little issue but we were prayin’ for him
I remember you called me excited, sayin’ you had talked to Ye
I can’t lie, I was geeked, I’m like, “What he say?”

You was on some s--- like, “My guys, they wanna work with you”
I ain’t even gonna front you had told me all the Ye stories and s---
And we had been working together like probably a year and a half now like
I was like, “Man, I don’t really know if you f--- with Ye like that”
You know what I’m sayin’? I’m just bein’ G
And you like, “No for real, like he wanna work with you”
I’m like “When?”
You’re like, “Tomorrow”
N---- s--- was so crazy ‘cause you know I don’t even like flyin’
Like I would jump on a motherfuckin’ Southwest flight
Like n---- sittin’ way in the back
Me, I don’t give a f--- n---- like
We was on a first thing smokin’ n---- to LA
We’re gonna work with Kanye
That s--- was crazy
We walked into the studio and n---- was eatin’ pot pie and chicken and s---
He was just a cool aired n---- like I just
Immediately screamin’ and droppin’ joint after joint, after joint, after joint
And I ain’t give a f--- was it was gon’ be on
If it was gon’ be on anything, and it was just
I always wanted to work with Ye and you knew it
It was crazy

Now I told you I want to sound with Jay and you asked me why
You didn’t really feel this s--- but you was down to ride
Then we went up to the office you had a different view
And you were rushin’ me to sign like the s--- was you, crazy

See I always knew [?] was your man and s--- ‘cause you always talked about him
You remember we sat down in the room with Jay?
And that n---- was just chattin’ some real s--- to us
We were holdin’ out the pose on some G s--- though
We say I’m G, you know what I’m sayin’?
We get money too, you feel me?
When we left the office we were like, “Damn”
I mean, n---- was just amazed at like
N----- that grew up together and built an empire together
And I was really motivated by that
That day I told you that was how I wanted me and my brothers to be and me and my n----- to be
And then we went to this little private party, remember that s---?
Jay got to them to pop the Ace in it, that s--- spilled all on the table and s---
I remember you pulled me to the side
You were like, “I’ve been in the game a long time, this is like the very, very first time I’ve felt like an artist”
You were tellin’ me like you felt like an artist
You were like, “N---- I’ll sign the contract right now if they break that m----------- out”

Damn, if I knew talkin’ to you was my last time
The other night it wouldn’t have been about no CM9
I would have let you know I value your participation
I would have thanked you for your patience and your conversations
No you weren’t forced to question God, and you were somewhere better
But we were supposed to get rich and gon’ retire together
What happened?

I don’t know
How can I go on?
Continue to stay strong
Continue to pray hard
Keep singing your name
And we’re gonna just [?]
It was many nights like this
When I could call you
And you could pick the phone up
‘Cause you was my partner
And you was there for number one records
And I can’t thank you enough

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