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Loyle Carner – Mean It In The Morning Lyrics

Mean It In The Morning by Loyle Carner
Album : Yesterday’s Gone
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Released : 2017

Only say it if you’ll mean it in the morning
To me it seems a little more important
To see if she be breezy with that easiness of Autumn
Before we get all caught up in the calling
But the way that I was falling back in ’09
Fidget but feeling it was go time
Sitting with my missus didn’t show signs
Lines that were mine
Kissing on her cold spine
Love was all and hopeless ‘fore I focused on that co-sign
Sitting with my bro Kleff
Listening to Mos Def
Waiting on a day’s pay
Promising to post cheques
But didn’t have a bigger brother who would know best
Melting on the inside
Trying not to show stress
But your choice
It was only your voice that could sooth me and save
Til I’m showing your boys how to glow
Others grow
Blowing your noise
So I stop and I thank you for showing those boys

Cos they were saying I’m the lucky one
Cos I was swaying with the change
Feeling ashamed when the money comes
But I’ve been waiting here for days
And they would say when the others run
That she’d be waiting in the rain
Can’t complain what the others done
I’ll be the lucky one

Wish I could love you like I know I should
Waiting for better, for forever while we’re growing good
Feel like that young spun
Living off my mum
Saying it wouldn’t be fun
But it’s dumb, cos I know it would
Hoping to show it like the growing of the sunsets
One guess, waiting for the day that we were undressed
And say the days seemed to fade as the fun gets
Few and far between
Coming clean
Coming one chest
Like apple in the cider she was sipping
We were drunk and she would listen
Longing for the later when you shaded her with kissing
And you coloured all her numbers
With the love that you’ve been missing
Now you’re sit indifferent
Crippled in the heat
A little brittle from the evils that you speak
You see it deep
Still you’re wishing underneath in the sheet
But you need to keep it sweet

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