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Passenger – Someday Lyrics

Someday by Passenger
Released : 2017
Album : Young As The Morning Old As The Sea
Genre : Folk rock, Indie folk

Well somewhere out across the sea
In a land that’s lost and free
with my darling close to me
that is where i’m supposed to be.
Yes somewhere on the ocean breeze
in around the swinging trees
we’re the only one from here,
that is where I long to be

yes somewhere out upon the beach
out of range & out of reach
with the truest love of mine
underneath the bluest sky
yeah far away from any time
we’ll watch the lazy sun go down
with my sweetheart i lay down
that is where i will be found
someday, someday.

[Thanks To “Saba” For Submitting These Lyrics]


From Passenger Comment On Youtube : happy sunday everyone !!! hope you’ve all had a good week ! here is this weeks sunday night video ! its a song called “someday” which is a newish one of mine . i wrote it on a little island off the coast of thailand last year . i was pretty exhausted as i’d just finished recording “young as the morning” in new zealand and touring australia so i decided to stop off for a few days on the way back home . there wasn’t any phone signal or internet and for a little under a week i just did nothing but read and play guitar and swim in the sea . i remember feeling so balanced and content and i think that really comes across in the song . again , this is only a demo so its certainly not perfect …. we filmed it last weekend on Fitzroy Island Resort, Queensland which (for those of you that aren’t familiar with it) is just off the coast of cairns in far north queensland . it is an absolutely stunning part of the world and thanks to the TTNQ tourism board we had the most fantastic day (which as you will see included scuba diving with tropical fish and we even go to snorkel with turtles which is an experience i will never forget – they are the most beautiful creatures !!!) i thought it would be a perfect spot to film this simple little song . so without further ado here it is …. huge thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography who was there to capture all of it on land , from the air and even under the sea …. what a legend !! i really hope you guys enjoy it and please share it around if you do ! thanks so much for watching , listening and the amazing support . mike xx ps I’m sorry if you are viewing this from the freezing northern hemisphere 🙁 i don’t mean to rub it in haha … hope it helps to warm you up xx

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