Up In Here by Kodak Black
Album : Painting Pictures
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Label : Atlantic

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From Album “Painting Pictures” (2017)
01. Day For Day
02. Coolin And Booted
03. Candy Paint
04. Up In Here
05. U Ain’t Never
06. Twenty 8
07. Patty Cake
08. Save You
09. Conscience
10. Tunnel Vision
11. Corrlinks And JPay
12. Reminiscing
13. Side Nigga
14. Off The Land
15. Top Off Benz
16. Feeling Like
17. Why They Call You Kodak
18. There He Go

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● “Tunnel Vision”

Produced By CuBeatz, Southside, Metro Boomin
Written By Metro Boomin, Southside, Kodak Black

● “There He Go”

Produced By Dubba-AA
Written By Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics :
These ain’t Ray-Bans, these Saint Laurent shades, hoe
The way my niggas hit your block, you’d think it’s Halo

● “Too Many Years” From Album “Lil Big Pac” Feat. “PnB Rock”

Produced By J Gramm Beats
Written By Kodak Black, PnB Rock

Quotable :
Yeah I got niggas in the graveyard
Niggas in the state yards
I swear not a day goes by
That I don’t think about the times
I wish that I could rewind

● “SKRT” Prod. by SkipOnDaBeat From Album ” Heart Of The Projects”

Produced By SkipOnDaBeat

Quotable :
Girl I’m done with you
Girl we done it’s through (girl we done)
I hit that nigga for the work
Stick and move, then I SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT (Ooh I’m gone)

● “HollyHood” From Album “Institution”

Quotable :
I should have been a president
Young nigga with plenty sense
I can teach a little young nigga plenty shit
All these games, I ain’t selling it

●  “Real Nigga Files” From Album “Institution”

Quotable :
I remember, I was in a jam, they said “it’s over for”
Young nigga, addicted to them bands, I’m bout to overdose
Institution, this that project music
Paper chase, on the interstate, stick and movin’
Throwin’ rocks at the chain gang
Out here tryna slang Caine