Brother Ali – Tremble Lyrics

Tremble by Brother Ali
Album : All The Beauty In This Whole Life
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Label : Rhymesayers Entertainment, LLC.

I’m a man, not a brand
Heart knows no bar code that can be scanned
Revealing what can’t be held up in the hand
Bearer of the standard that you cram to understand
Uncharted land telescopes can’t discover
Can’t throw it at strippers to make ’em pretend they love you
I sew the seed like fabric at the seams
You can’t sip it to lean, but you can give it to fiends
The most taken for granted on the planet
You can’t snap chat it or instagram it
It’s from the unseen realm where the camera can’t film
But the coal gets scorched into diamonds in the kiln
Created and evolved, the khaliq and the rabb
The sun, moon and the stars, Alhamdulillah
The biggest secret but you can’t wikileak it
Cause an unbroken chain transmit it to the seekers
Little mysteries bring the biggest victories
I’ma click the dhikr beads ’til I’m rid of this disease
We the breath of God that was left in charge
They dread the second we remember what we are

I tremble in the presence of it
I tremble at the mention of it

The infinite love that animates the finite
The necessary where the possible derive light
Uncreated majesty and mercy
Irrestible end of every journey

 ○ Brother Ali – All The Beauty In This Whole Life (Album 2017)
01. Pen To Paper
02. Own Light (What Hearts Are For)
03. Special Effects
04. Can’t Take That Away
05. Dear Black Son
06. We Got This
07. Uncle Usi Taught Me
08. Pray For Me
09. It Ain’t Easy
10. Never Learn
11. Tremble
12. Before They Called You White
13. The Bitten Apple
14. Out Of Here
15. All The Beauty In This Whole Life

○ Listen to “Brother Ali” Songs

● “Uncle Sam Goddamn ”

[ Quotable ]
All must bow to the fat and lazy
The fuck you, obey me, and why do they hate me?
Only two generations away
From the world’s most despicable slavery trade
Pioneered so many ways to degrade a human being
That it can’t be changed to this day
Legacy so ingrained in the way that we think;
We no longer need chains to be slaves
Lord it’s a shameful display
The overseers even got raped along the way
Because the children can’t escape from the pain

● “Forest Whitiker ”

[ Quotable ]
Ayo, dependin’ on the day, and dependin’ on what I ate
I’m anywhere from twenty to thirty-five pounds overweight
I got red eyes and one of em’s lazy
And they both squint when the sun shines so I look crazy
I’m albino man, I know I’m pink and pale
And I’m hairy as hell, everywhere but fingernails

● “Breakin’ Dawn ”

Producer: Brad Trimble
Director: Chris Gliebe
Editor: Nate Clark
Designers: Chris Gliebe, Trevor Grubbs, Kurt Koch, Caleb Halter
Animators: Rob Engle, Dave Irion, Evan Sheldon
[ Quotable ]
See good Lord, I’ve been waitin so long
For y’all to come out here and take me in the home
The world’s so cold with no place to belong
They said “come on in boy, sing your song”
He stepped inside and to his surprise
It was so damn fly, he can’t believe his eyes
Ate and he drank and he felt satisfied
‘Til he sat by the window and he glanced out-side
Loved ones out workin
Eyes got full and his heart start hurtin
Cause them folk been singin for years
But ain’t any one of them set foot up in here

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