Brother Ali – We Got This Lyrics

We Got This by Brother Ali
Feat. Sa-Roc
Album : All The Beauty In This Whole Life
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Label : Rhymesayers Entertainment, LLC.

Here were are together
Watching the world come down around us
I know my baby girl she counting on us
If she ask bout it I got be honest
Either they forgot about us or they got a target on us
And my nieces shooting amateur porno
Police shoot my nephews in the street like it’s normal
But they’ve been doing that a century or like four though
It’s horrible, still pains me to my core though
I know that when the dust settles and the smoke clears
And the wretched of the earth living with no fears
All we need is someone here who can remind us how great it was
Before these people had their way with us
I know when I was on the street and struggling
You know you took me in to feed my hunger pain
And now you put me on my feet, look what I became
Even when we disagree that love remains
Listen these people they ain’t trying to save your soul
So why we bickering about which way to go?
You know the words are incidental
The hearts are instrumental
As long as we’re connected we can make it though
We got…

[Brother Ali]
Should I ever call your name
I know that you can feel my pain
You’ll be on your way to see me through
We got this
Should you ever call my name
I know that I feel the same
I’ll be on my way to see you through
We got this

[Brother Ali]
I’m not grinning cause I’m at a loss for opposition
Lot of them don’t want me want me livin’
Thank God it’s not their decision
I don’t hate, not for a minute
A drop in the infinite
‘Cause hate got a small percentage of envy in it
And my enemies are not my teachers
I’m not seeking to adopt ya’ll features
I don’t want nor need you
My heart has been broken into, but I’m not broken in two
Don’t need you to acknowledge the piece of me that lives in you
The truth was never yours to give us, it’s always in us
You cut your roots off you’re finished
Heart’s missing and you’re looking at the raw authentic
Ya’ll been listening, but ya’ll don’t get it, you just mimic
I’m grinning cause I hear my echo in it
When you whisper to your infant
I’m glad I could be of some benefit
God bless, but the voice ain’t the sound coming out of the hole
That’s from deep down inside of your soul
Something ya’ll need to know

Late at night I find it harder to rest easy bruh
It’s like this heartache has no intention of easin’ up
Cause every twenty four hours is another homicide
And they keep telling me that being emotional is unreasonable
Now I’m just trying to find a way that I can maintain
So I turned this love affair with words into my main thing
Putting all the hope I got left in the vocal expression
And maybe the message will make the world amazing
And finally my daddy can understand me a little better
See why I gave up my B.A. for another set of letters
Cause if he knew to what degree I sacrifice for this road
He might be prouder of the life I chose to go get us
But time’s too precious to be wasted on the grudge between us
Ain’t no bond greater than the share of flesh and blood between us
And we can make it through the toughest times together
If we let our guards down and just allow our love to lead us right

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[ Quotable ]
All must bow to the fat and lazy
The fuck you, obey me, and why do they hate me?
Only two generations away
From the world’s most despicable slavery trade
Pioneered so many ways to degrade a human being
That it can’t be changed to this day
Legacy so ingrained in the way that we think;
We no longer need chains to be slaves
Lord it’s a shameful display
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Because the children can’t escape from the pain

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[ Quotable ]
Ayo, dependin’ on the day, and dependin’ on what I ate
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I’m albino man, I know I’m pink and pale
And I’m hairy as hell, everywhere but fingernails

● “Breakin’ Dawn ”

Producer: Brad Trimble
Director: Chris Gliebe
Editor: Nate Clark
Designers: Chris Gliebe, Trevor Grubbs, Kurt Koch, Caleb Halter
Animators: Rob Engle, Dave Irion, Evan Sheldon
[ Quotable ]
See good Lord, I’ve been waitin so long
For y’all to come out here and take me in the home
The world’s so cold with no place to belong
They said “come on in boy, sing your song”
He stepped inside and to his surprise
It was so damn fly, he can’t believe his eyes
Ate and he drank and he felt satisfied
‘Til he sat by the window and he glanced out-side
Loved ones out workin
Eyes got full and his heart start hurtin
Cause them folk been singin for years
But ain’t any one of them set foot up in here

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