Kid Ink – Sweet Chin Music Lyrics

Sweet Chin Music by Kid Ink
Album : 7 Series
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-hop/rap
Label : RCA Records

I’m the same as you left me
Gettin’ to the money, not a question
Now you see the Rock like I’m wrestlin’
Ask me if I’m high, bitch, you know I’m NASA
Ask me what’s you name, might forget the answer
I’ll take everything I had except for chances

Belt up on my shoulder, don’t forget who’s champion
Young Aries, nigga, always been a LA Ram
Never bandwagon, neighbors mad my pants saggin’
You can’t never tell me nothin’ when I’m on my line
Before 21, these bitches know I been savage
Made it outta hell with this undertaker flow
Now I flip the money up and I do the tombstone
Said I’m never goin’ back, put that on my tombstone
Live the dream, tag-team everything two toned
When I pull up, do my reps in then I flex
Tell that bitch that she can fuck it, this the x
Jumpin’ off the top, I hope you can catch me
I lost my mind and stopped second guessin’

I’m the same as you left
Only thing that changed is addresses
Gettin’ to the money, not a question
Now you see the Rock like I’m wrestlin’
Sweet chin music, hit the blunt, you feel that?
Why we never see you niggas, you chameleon

I be in the building doin’ all my taunts
All black, I don’t feel like Ricky, more like Jimmy Ross
Yeah, couple of ’em changed soon as they got the news
I can tell what you say about me in your interviews
One day, I’ma run backstage with the chair
You been talkin’ ’bout then I light another flare
Way I’m feelin’ and I’m lookin’ ain’t no seein’ wrong (no)
Walkin’ out to my theme song
Seen the ass, baby girl, and I ain’t think long
And then I picked her up for that power bomb

I’m the same as you left me
Only thing that changed is how we dressin’
Gettin’ to the money, not a question
Now you see the Rock like I’m wrestlin’

I’m the same as you left me
Sweet chin music, hit the blunt, you feel that?

○ Kid Ink – 7 Series (Album 2017)
1. Supersoaka
2. No Strings
3. F With U
4. Mochi
5. Sweet Chin Music
6. Bad Lil Vibe
7. Lottery
8. Swish

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● “Hotel ”

[ Quotable ]
Over there lookin’ all suspicious
Get a clue girl, don’t be a mystery
I see you liking on all my pictures
Of me and my bitch up in all of our business
So, you gotta know it ain’t a limit to
What a pill and the liquor do
Make a straight girl go down, just spit down
I might fuck around and lick her too
It ain’t a problem, my metabolism high
Eat you both up for dinner
Just keep it real with a real mothafucka
Ain’t got time for no pretenders

● “That’s On You ”

[ Quotable ]
I’m all out of champagne
Poppin’ like a Uzi
It’s ’bout three
Just left out of Hooray’s
Nigga just made a blu-ray
Runnin’ from the lady outside selling bouquets
OG only flower that I want
You can keep that sour in your blunt sheet
Lookin’ for the nose candy, Willy Wonka
Money don’t grow, I feel like I found one tree

● “Iz U Down ”

[ Quotable ]
Can I have that? You and your best
friend on a mattress
Ass so fat, need a lap dance
That was way back then
Lost a little weight but that ass still thick, goddamn
So innocent, I’m a guilty trip, she ride the dick
It be worth the trip
No answers, no romantic shit
Just friends with benefits
I take that (take that)
Never seen a roof come back on a
Maybach (I don’t think you seen that)
Uh tryna meet there, I could put you anywhere
Fly private air, uh yea
Who do dare?

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