Azealia Banks – Escapades Lyrics

Escapades by Azealia Banks
Album : Fantasea II: The Second Wave
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap

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○ Azealia Banks – Fantasea II: The Second Wave (Album 2017)
01. Escapades
02. Ain’t Know
03. Wut U Do
04. Icy Pisces
05. Intérieur d’un coquillage
06. El Remolino
07. Paradiso Pt. 2
08. Treasure Island
09. Lorelei
10. Count Contessa
11. Along the Coast

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● “The Big Big Beat ”

[ Quotable ]
Pocket them dividends, christen that bezel
You plottin’ on niggas, you pickin’ that petal
How could that little young bitch from the ghetto hit the jackpot, ran off with the cash pot!
Keep jockin’ this jiggy bitch, jigglin’ – hello!
That gymnast body, black feminist rebel
Spend a hundred thou’ on the Jesuit medal
Just to prove y’all dudes what it be!

● “Chasing Time ”

[ Quotable ]
Damn, nigga, damn
Took a chance on you, double and dipped again
And, scram, nigga, scram
Hit your mans up and tell ‘em to get the van
And reminiscing can’t
Bring it back to the cabin in Michigan
But man, this the plan
Say goodbye to your lover cause this the end


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