Beakaway – Lions Lyrics

There were no heroes in the childhoods we braved
We once were hunted so you could take away your pain
We built ourselves to stand alone in our own way
Skin black and blue because of you

You can’t control us now
We are the lions
That fought through the riot
We’re not the only ones
That came from the fire
Walked on a wire
We are the lions
We’re not the prey you desire
You can’t control us now
We fought through the riot
We conquered the fire

We once were helpless now we find ourselves engraved
With lessons learnt, we taught ourselves to find our way
We hold our own outside the world from where we came
We took from you
We hold on, too

We walked a wire until we found ourselves
Our lives in our hands
Straight through a riot burning oxygen
We built ourselves to stand
To live again

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