Llegaste Tú by Carlos Marco
Album : Chalk Dreams
Released : 2017
Genre : Pop
Label : Warner Music Spain

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○ Carlos Marco – Chalk Dreams (Album 2017)
01. Sugar
02. Summer Something
03. When the Mind Wanders
04. Even Angels (feat. Blas Cantó)
05. Saturday Night
06. Still Got It
07. Shake the Boom (feat. Sweet California)
08. Wondering
09. Fireball
10. Llegaste Tú
11. Si Tú Eres Feliz

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● “Electric ”

[ Quotable ]
I think I might be crazy
hoping a stranger saves me,
oh save me from myself.
But you’re so beautiful,
I go and risk it all,
take a deep breath and go in

● “Breathe your fire ”

Directed by: Greg A. Sebastian
Creative direction: Pablo Pacheco
Visual FX: Jose Jacas
DOP: Greg A. Sebastian
1st cam assist : Artur Rodríguez
2nd cam assist: Rubén Alavés
Drone Rig assist: Manuel Galipienso
Make Up/Hair/Costume: Silvia Sánchez & María Salud Vélez
Art direction: Piluca Hernández & Pablo Pacheco
Script: Juan Francisco Aguirre
Production London: Daniel Sanchís
Editor & Colorist: Peter&Pan
Sound effects: Man & Harris
Band Manager: Magí Torras
AR Warner: Txema Rosique
Produce Manager: Casanova Comunicación
Starring: Auryn, Andrea M. Almeida, Alex Spijksma, Fernando Corral, Hiromichi Esaki, Yuki Fukuyama, Celine García, Andrea López, Anabel García, Daniel Sánchez, María Morán, David Simon, Toni Santapolonia, Cristina García, Shameerah Peerkhan, Moxesh Zota, Magí Torras, José Davo
Special thanks: Charlie’s American Dinner ,Pub Cromwell’s, Angel Pacheco, Cati Rodríguez, Centro Cultural “Las Cigarreras”, Ayuntamiento de Alicante, DroneTools, Eric Spijksma, Javier

[ Quotable ]
Come on and feed me with the flame;
I need you running through my veins
I breathe your fire
I breathe your fire, girl
You’re shining
It’s like fireworks
Glowing in your eyes
You’re sparkling
Girl, you make me come alive


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