Tritonal – Wild Kind Lyrics

Wild Kind by Tritonal
Feat. Varpu
Released : 2017
Genre : Electronic

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● “Untouchable ”

[ Quotable ]
Time is slipping through our hands
We’re sinking in the sands of forever
Light, surrender to the dark
But we can make a spark here together
Hanging on by a thread
We will climb back again
Time is slipping through our hands
It’s hard to understand, but remember

● “Broken ”

[ Quotable ]
Before I met you I wouldn’t sleep alone
But it felt, but it felt, but it felt like it
I moved my body, but my chest was stone
Couldn’t break, couldn’t break, couldn’t break it
I wore the pain on my face
Hoping someday it would fade
You know how to wash it away

● “I Feel The Love ”

[ Quotable ]
It’s not over tonight
Stay in this moment, we can hide away
Cause they’re gonna turn on the lights
But we’re burning bright, no, we’ll never fade
Stumbling through the crowd
Feet lifting off the ground looking for you

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