Machine Gun Kelly – The Gunner Lyrics

The Gunner by Machine Gun Kelly
Album : Bloom
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop
Label : Bad Boy/Interscope

Ayy, my walk is so cocky the bouncers don’t even stop me
Ain’t no pat down, no ID
They know me, that shit obvi
Bitch I pack out the lobby just from fans tryna find me
I got daughters and mothers tryna fuck with the gunner
Two tone suit like the Joker
My Harley Quinn wears a choker
Let them suicide doors up
So much smoke, can’t photo us
I’m out west like the gold rush, 1942 [?]
I ain’t spent one night sober since I turned 20 years old
But I’m on my Jeezy in 2005 “Trap or Die” shit
The everyday 100, this ain’t no facade shit
This that “Look me in my eyes and don’t you fuckin’ lie” shit
Still don’t need no opinions
Bitch, most these artists my minions, whoa
Any weed around me finna get burnt
No lie, I’m on fire
Hogtie anybody need a realization that they fuckin’ with the wrong guy
I am the Alpha Omega, came from Sonic on a Sega
Crumblin’ chronic on the table
Mumbling lyrics in the basement
Like I’m finna go Super Saiyan
I’m saying I ain’t had a plan coming out the land
Hanging with my man, tryna slang a gram
Just to rent a van, just to try and tour
Turn some common clothing in to couture
Steal money from the sewer
Look at all that I been doing
All them years I couldn’t afford, places in the morgue
We are not the same, say the fuckin’ name

I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)

Let’s do this for real
Super sonic, super sonic
Psychedelics and some chronic
Still remain a trending topic
Five movies, let’s be honest, what you call it?
Tat’s a major motion picture wallet
No, I do not want a comment
Don’t approach me, I am violent
Snapping pictures ’cause I’m styling
Let me make it very fucking clear who I am
Do not start assuming, let me clear confusion
I am not a human, they call me a giant
I pick up the mic and I start a riot
I spit a verse and I change the climate
Fuck a dealer, man, I need the pilot
Drop the weight off like he on a diet
Having off of the balcony of the Hyatt
I started with one, and I’m multiplying
Now I got me 3 women like I’m Frankie [?]
And I got me a double X made in diamonds
Bitch, the dynasty never dying
Some will ring the sirens, I just fuck the silence
[?], who the fuck can stop us?
I resort to violence, no resorts and islands
You know where to find us

I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)
I am the gunner (The gunner, the gunner)

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05. “Kiss the Sky
06. “Golden God
07. “Trap Paris
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09. “Can’t Walk
10. “Bad Things
11. “Rehab
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13. “27

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● “Wild Boy ”

[ Quotable]
All I know is how to kill everyone of my cells
All they know is they can kill anybody but Kells
I am untouchable, you would think I was in jail
But I’m in Mexico getting marijuana from Miguel
Bring it back into the States, put it on a scale
Measure it at half a eighth, put it in a shell
Split it then I roll it, then light it up like it’s Independence Day I got a bottle rocket, put it in the air
Snapback with my city on it
Text back with your titties on it

● “Mind of a Stoner ”

[ Quotable]
Parents aren’t doin much now since little brother got locked up
And I’m stuck smokin this mid waiting for the weed man to get stocked up
And my girl cancelled on me, said something else popped up
And I can’t get with my ex now cuz her ring finger all rocked up,damn
No one likes you when your 23 without a plan
Sit around in apartments all day smokin weed and I’m like
“bitch don’t kill my vibe, bitch don’t kill my vibe”
Till I (skkrrrrrrttt) out in my Subaru and in the rear view is them lights

● “See My Tears ”

[ Quotable]
And they mad that I made it out the city
But if you look I’m still out in the city
Before everything I had clout in the city
Toured the states and never bounced on the city
Shout out to everybody that’s proud in the city
Everybody cheering in the crowd from the city
Everyone that never had doubts in the city
Cause they know I represent what we about in the city
And I’m still laced up, tell the world that’s nothing changed
Till it’s hundred dollar bills in my pocket, then nothings change

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