Rowlan – A&F Lyrics

A&F by Rowlan
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip-hop/rap

I said we started on the down
I met you right before the rise
As the ego killed your vibe
And that’s when Rowlan came alive
When shit started changing
And you said its for the better
With your fake ass
You probably do it for the cheddar
All this shit about you ain’t about the money
All that real now you switch to acting funny
All these words you probably writing just to diss me
I hope you know I don’t see it so it miss me
I’m not the same girl you met when you met me I got
My life going I don’t sweat you or let you get thoughts
I save the feelings work and sweat so I don’t waste my time
I guess the mirror with a smile’s all I want for mine
I feel the happiness you have is temporary
The top is lonely and the lonelyness gets scary
I know it sounds negative but I swear its not
I hope you kill your competition and you never stop

Go our own ways
Go our
Go our own ways
Go our
Think it’s time to
Go our own ways
Go our
Go our own ways
Go our

Yeah I was treated like a queen
But you just never had the time
First nights were the worst
But now it’s panning out I’m fine
I need to love myself
I need learn to stand my ground
And yeah I see how you a king
But you would never fit no crown
Your heads too big
You read too many comments
Respond to everything
As our time tarnished
You never put me first
Ever since this shit pop
Something changed about you
When you copped that wrist watch
The shoes the clothes
The image the bitches it’s real
But I tried my hardest
And regardless of all this to deal
With everything that I could
Before I broke
Those feeling lonely lmao’s
Ain’t no joke
I really needed who was with me to be with me
You always told me this for us stop acting shifty
You always promised me that you could buy the time
But always and forever always end up just a line

Go our own ways
Go our
Go our own ways
Go our

Think it’s time to
Go our own ways
Go our
Go our own ways
Go our

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● “Best I Can ”

[ Quotable ]
They try to force the pharmaceuticals
To reform, and harm me
But, I just did me and dove into art
I started draining never seen the place I’m at from the start
But all in all, well this is just a letter saying thanks
You take the words of imperfection and this the music it makes

● “Hold It Down ”

[ Quotable ]
They don’t know how I feel
They don’t see how it go
They don’t ever relate
They just watching the show
Want to ask you what’s up
Cause it still went down
But it’s crazy that we grew to be enemies now
Guess I wrote this let you know that I still care
In the end well if you need something, I’m still there
Hope this new piece of life here is treating you good
All in all it’s all love, just the way that it should

● “What Are We ”

[ Quotable ]
That shit talking that you doing ain’t really that attractive
And someone lied if they told you that it’s cute
I said I’m sorry I don’t sugar coat a fucking thing
Always trying to be the target when I stop and shoot
I’m not here to talk shit just to get a rise
And I don’t really give a fuck about your other guys

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