Girlpool – Corner Store Lyrics

Corner Store by Girlpool
Album : Powerplant
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative Rock
Label : Anti/Epitaph

I get lost at the corner store
I’m picking up things I’ve never seen before

Napping on a plastic coated living room
In every picture frame a picture of you

I wanna be a puzzle super glue into you
I’m falling off the table
I get stuck on the things I see
I’ve had crumbs in a bag in my pocket all week
You got lost at the corner store
Picking up things you’ve never seen before

○ Girlpool – Powerplant (Album 2017)
01. 123
02. Sleepless
03. Corner Store
04. Your Heart
05. Kiss And Burn
06. Fast Dust
07. Powerplant
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09. Soup
10. She Goes By
11. It Gets More Blue
12. Static Somewhere

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