JOHN FRUM – Lacustrine Divination Lyrics

Lacustrine Divination by JOHN FRUM
Album : A Stirring in the Noos
Released : 2017
Genre : Hard Rock & Metal
Label : Relapse Records

Summon the conclave, those kindred of honor
Become the eye the mind has willed
Welcome the visceral divergence
Palliating the corporeal burden of being
Subsist amongst reverberated genesis
Reject the antrhopomorphosis of man
Sift through the doorway etched in stone
Solid through solid as blood through vein
The mountainside rages, a pulsating maelstrom
Boscage writhes and wails in unison
Given a voice, it howls its verdant cacophony
Crafting the next great extinction
A chastising wind blows fervently
An elemental lamentation echoes through time
Fear the translucent mirror
And its amorphous surface
Whose image placates the tumult
An enduring vision of tranquil innocence
Where mutated forms manipulate rationale
Not all that is alluring is welcoming
Crawl back to the womb, peer forth from its portal
The melting precipice reveals the birthplace of inspiration
Combining flesh with loam
Forging the amalgam of abstract thought
Glean knowledge of the elder
Whose flesh lay rend upon the form
Ascended aphasic augur
Coeval of nature, imputing purity
Dismisses the conclave, those of transcended mettle
An enlightened mind fades with the dying light
Drink of the blood that fuels time
Slog through this fledgling actuality
Surrender truth for existence
Memory retreats into unnavigable madness
Laying dormant until a more profound convocation

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