JOHN FRUM – Memory Palace Lyrics

Memory Palace by JOHN FRUM
Album : A Stirring in the Noos
Released : 2017
Genre : Hard Rock & Metal
Label : Relapse Records

Propelling through the unknown, the world split in twain
Tessellating ad infinitum, one was too small to grasp the scope
An endless expanse of the protocosmic horizon lay in full upon the edges of what could no longer be considered reality
Knowing not where I existed, only that I was among the insubstantial truth
I communed with naught
The being craved a new arena
The mind became pregnant with the concept of the new universe
And in that moment, I rewrote the sacred scripts
I waged the interminable war
I solved the formulas yet to be proposed
I became the primordial, abolishing death, expanding into consciousness
Egression denied as dimensions phase
Many planes awaited the arrival of a new reality
Choosing the one that vibrated to the pulse of existence
The body mutated rapidly, selecting a new form
As big as a thought
As small as a god
Upon emergence from creation
There awaited an opaque world faceted of one’s own reflection
But the eyes of the world surveyed itself with reproach
Such hubris this one had to fancy himself a creator
To bring a world to fruition with the damaged sensibility of man
Unknown hues streak across endless depths of sullen gloom
Effulgent emanations retreat from an innate approach
The incumbent Chaos, ultimate arbiter of creation
Welcomes this new inhabitant with destruction’s caress

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