JOHN FRUM – Pining Light Lyrics

Pining Light by JOHN FRUM
Album : A Stirring in the Noos
Released : 2017
Genre : Hard Rock & Metal
Label : Relapse Records

Oh, Golden Child
You have brought forth the sun again
Each ray traversing space and time
Striving to reach you
Fighting the cosmos to die on your flesh
The misguided quieted by the casting of a shadow
Content in the shade of the master
Existing within the unlocked spectrum
First of your line to gaze upon the whole
Shrouded in mystery of unknown depths
All that ends and begins lays within thine bronzed cauldron
Walking upon wisps of earthspun silk
The claw grown long begs to curl its way back
To begin a time anew, defying the fiber of being
Though this is a temple of vibrance
A complete denial of witheredness
Impulsive being
He who has run the gauntlet
Through consultation of the blood bestowed
Following the path of salted earth
Baseborn entity
Product of divine eugenics
Societal surfeit coupled with a lost love
No natural place for a creature such as this
so nature has gladly extended her bounds
We sing your praise in a foreign tongue
Crushed by the weight of a concept
Whose will would you follow but thine own?
We sing your praise in a foreign tongue

○ JOHN FRUM – A Stirring in the Noos (Album 2017)
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02. Pining Light
03. Memory Palace
04. Through Sand and Spirit
05. Lacustrine Divination
06. He Come
07. Assumption of Form
08. Wasting Subtle Body

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