Paul Weller – Hopper Lyrics

Hopper by Paul Weller
Album : A Kind Revolution
Released : 2017
Genre : Rock
Label : Parlophone

In late night bars
There ghost of Hopper
Paints such melancholy colours
With sullen neon lights

In late night bars
The ghost of Hopppers
Speaks in whispers
Only he can hear
Smiles like a lion
Sighs like a lamb
Dreams in muted symphonies

And while you’re waiting
For your change
In a diner in their rain

In late night bars
The whims of Hopper
Wonders where all the people go
When the light goes down
Answers all your questions
With a gesture
Don’t care where he’s goin to

In a diner in their rain
While you’re waiting for your change

I’m sat in a corner
I’very merged with the wall
Become part of the painting
No point fighting it all
I’m quite relaxed
It’s fine with me.

Thanks To “Gary Crosland” For Submitting These Lyrics

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● “You Do Something To Me ”

[ Quotable ]
You do something to me
Somewhere deep inside
I’m hoping to get close to
A peace I cannot find
Dancing through the fire yeah
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Just to get close to,
Just close enough
To tell you that

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