Looking For Love by Nick Jonas
Released : 2017
Genre : Pop

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● “Push ”

[ Quotable ]
Hold me tight enough to kill me
Bite my tongue so I can’t speak
Clip my wings so I can’t fly
Bury me deep but I won’t die
Was it worth it?
Was it worth it?

● “Avalanche ”

[ Quotable ]
I never wanted to turn out this way
Now forever feels like yesterday
Sorry’s something that I just can’t say
Then you see me breaking down
The end to a falling out, yeah

● “Area Code ”

[ Quotable ]
And I, we both remember what we said
But let’s agree to just forget
It’s late night, you should go to bed
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah , oh yeah
You say I never been good for you
You can’t deny I gave it good to you
We made it unforgettable, it’s crazy
And I’m hoping I could let you in
Oh yeah, oh yeah