EXPULSION – Altar Of Slaugher Lyrics

Stalking my victims, I randomly pick them
To butcher and torture at will
Driven to darkness, don’t know why I do this
My only thought is kill, kill, kill, kill

The screams of the dying, gnashing and crying
Life ends with a slice of my knife
Their bones build my thrones, wear their skin as my own
On my altar of slaughter they die, die, die


Hack and slash, Stab and gash
Eyes explode, Skin corrodes
Acid sprays, Tongue decays
Sawed in half, I watch and laugh

Bash in brains. Blood will stain
Gouge out eyes. You will die
Breaking bones. Tortured moans
Violent death. Final breath
Rip your face. Leave no trace
You will bleed. Worms will feed
Rend your flesh. Beg for death
Smash your bones. Die alone

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