DYING FETUS – Panic Amongst The Herd Lyrics

Scurry little insects, danger all-around
Panicked seeking cover, like rats you spread, menacing the sound
Wide-spread carnage trails you, delay and you will die
The weaker links are victims, impeding the pace, on the stronger you’ll rely

The whimper of the useless, over in a flash
Desperate measures needed, time to strengthen ties, prejudices past

Bodies litter streets, carcass speed bumps, futile meat
Just in the way, wailing panic, total doomsday

Primal fear of dying, priorities set straight
To witness swath of death, terror you can’t fake
Infection of the defeatist, spreads from dusk till dawn

Absolute chaos, a run for your money
Assets expended, exercise in futility
Only battle-tested, now seeking certainty

Ripping through the ranks, of countless troops deployed
Leviathan of legend here it stands upright, battle until destroyed
Wave after wave depart, wiped out in the field
This debacle must be countered and then surge, the remaining never yield


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