Snoop Dogg – Lavender Lyrics

(Nightfall Remix)
Lavender by Snoop Dogg
Album : Neva Left
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop/General
Label : Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE

My dawgs don’t bark, but they get off
Fuck around and get your whole face bit off
Sinister, spit truth like a minister
So until I’m a monster, when it’s the right time
Night time, nigga tryna creep
And keep from dyin’ in these motherfuckin’ streets
Fuck the police, from a black man’s point of view
Spray that shit, say that shit
We right in front of you, each and every one of you
I’m not gon’ tell y’all niggas what we gonna do
But whatever y’all did, put two on it
And put a foot on your neck with a shoe on it
Resident evil, it’s all on camera and they still don’t believe you
Clownin’ around, don’t come your clown ass ’round here
Nigga you gon’ get down
Real talk, I’m leavin’ all you clown ass niggas outlined in chalk
Stay black, payback from way back
I’m the homie, ‘but the motherfuckin’ homie don’t play that

And the night will fall, this is death to you all
When the nighttime falls, this the final call
This the final call, call, call

The final call, see reparations will be tooken
Now it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun, ha
Motherfuckers, trip this

Cut them motherfuckers off the leash
It’s been a week since my dogs ate, let ’em eat
See I’ma tell you upfront and uncut
See I’m a stand up nigga, I’m a man up nigga
Get what I gotta get, a bitch nigga gon’ talk a whole lot of shit
Which is the main reason why you stuck around
And I don’t fuck around
I’m blowin’ new purple in a new circle
I don’t wanna hurt you but I will spurt you
And send you back to the earth, you
Came from, game gun
Same one, that I used in another galaxy
Actually, it’s all fact to me
If I ruled the world would it come back to me?
Black to me, with my hand on that thang thang
I’m from the home of the brave, land of the gang bang

And the night will fall, this is death to you all
When the nighttime falls, this the final call
This the final call, call, call

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[ Quotable ]
We just blow dro and keep the flow moving
In a ’64, me and baby boo cruisin’
Body rag interior blue, and
Have them hydraulics squeaking when we screwing
Now she’s yelling, hollering out “Snoop!” and
Hooting, hollering; hollering, hooting
Black and beautiful, you the one I’m choosin’
Hair long, thin, black and curly like you’re Cuban

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Godzilla flyin on a pegasorous
Niggas know about it, even fore I pull it out

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Smoke us a cigarette then go back to sleep, sleep, sleep
Cause we done got a

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