Snoop Dogg – Let Us Begin Lyrics

Let Us Begin by Snoop Dogg
Feat. KRS-One
Album : Neva Left
Released : 2017
Genre : Rap & Hip-Hop/General
Label : Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE

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○ Snoop Dogg – Neva Left (Album 2017)
01. Neva Left
02. Moment I Feared
03. Bacc In da Dayz
04. Promise You This
05. Trash Bags
06. Swivel
07. Go On
08. Big Mouth
09. Toss It
10. 420 (Blaze Up)
11. Lavender (Nightfall Remix)
12. Let Us Begin
13. Mount Kushmore
14. Vapors (DJ Battlecat Remix)
15. Still Here
16. Love Around the World

○ Listen to “Snoop Dogg” Songs

● “Beautiful ”

[ Quotable ]
We just blow dro and keep the flow moving
In a ’64, me and baby boo cruisin’
Body rag interior blue, and
Have them hydraulics squeaking when we screwing
Now she’s yelling, hollering out “Snoop!” and
Hooting, hollering; hollering, hooting
Black and beautiful, you the one I’m choosin’
Hair long, thin, black and curly like you’re Cuban

● “French Inhale”

Blowin with the homies on the low, man fuck these hoes
And crack-a-lac, pin it back
What you call a mack who crack a mad bitch like that?
A cracker jack
Im like a florist, tourin like a tourist
Godzilla flyin on a pegasorous
Niggas know about it, even fore I pull it out

● ” Sensual Seduction ”

We don’t go to the mall, we don’t go out to eat, eat, eat
All that we ever do is play in the sheets, sheets, sheets
Smoke us a cigarette then go back to sleep, sleep, sleep
Cause we done got a


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