Wavves – Daisy Lyrics

Daisy by Wavves
Album : You’re Welcome
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative Rock
Label : Ghost Ramp

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○ Wavves – You’re Welcome (Album 2017)
01. Daisy
02. You’re Welcome
03. No Shade
04. Million Enemies
05. Hollowed Out
06. Come to the Valley
07. Animal
08. Stupid in Love
09. Exercise
10. Under
11. Dreams of Grandeur
12. I Love You

○ Listen to “Wavves” Songs

● “Way Too Much ”

[ Quotable ]
Later on, I don’t hope to find myself laid out in pieces
I’ve been scattered and divided for the reason, I don’t know
And its hurting so much
Holding on, I am crashing for some way to stop this feeling

● “Demon To Lean On ”

[ Quotable ]
The truth is that it hurts
And what’s it really worth?
No hope and no future
Holding a gun to my head
So send me an angel

● “Sail To The Sun ”

[ Quotable ]
I don’t wanna, get left behind
So I tell you what I’m gonna do to get by
I’m gonna pick you up in my arms, give you all of my love
Soon we’ll never find mine
First we gotta get high


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