(Sandy) Alex G – Big Fish Lyrics

Big Fish by (Sandy) Alex G
Album : Rocket
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative
Label : Domino Recording

If I could say I would say
If I could walk away
If I could talk I would talk
I’d walk around the block
Look at the way he walks in
Look how he tucks his shirt in
Let me behave in my way

Don’t ask me questions pa
You know I’m a big old fish now

Go get your rod
Get my rod
Let’s cast em off the dock
I caught a big fat monkey
Look at him squirming and jumping
Kill it in time to prepare
Pull out the bones and hair
Now comes my favorite part

Bubbling in the pot

● (Sandy) Alex G – Rocket (Album Tracklist)
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02.  Proud
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07.  Brick
08.  Sportstar
09.  Judge
10.  Rocket
11.  Powerful Man
12.  Alina
13.  Big Fish
14.  Guilty

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