(Sandy) Alex G – Powerful Man Lyrics

Powerful Man by (Sandy) Alex G
Album : Rocket
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative
Label : Domino Recording

Davey broke the law again
Heard this time he’s going to the pen
Guess I didn’t eat my lunch
Cause I was going to miss him a whole bunch
Maybe he was out of line
But he was still a pretty close friend of mine
Maybe he had hurt me bad
But a brother is a brother and that is that

Mom’s in a mood this week
Cause she thinks that her family is going crazy
Guess it started with the baby
She went in for a hug and it bit her on the cheek
That was pretty funny to me
But I guess I should have more sympathy
I never raised a kid
But I bet I’d do a good job if I did

Had a dream about a promised land
Walkin’ round with a big gun in my hand
And when I look you in the eye
You’re gonna tell me that you love me and hold me tight
Cause you know that I have no fear
Ain’t gonna walk into the river and disappear
I’m gonna be a powerful man
Red blood running down the broken sand
I couldn’t tell you
What it means to me

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11.  Powerful Man
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