3 is the New 2 by Sofi De La Torre
Album : Another. Not Me. I’m Done.
Released : 2017
Genre : Pop

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● Sofi De La Torre – Another. Not Me. I’m Done. (Album Tracklist)
01. $
02. Views of You
03. Old You
04. Nike Greys
05. D.G.I.T.
06. 3 is the New 2
07. Cocktails & Emotions
08. Flex Your Way Out
09. U Can’t Do Easy (Demo 001)

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● “Give up at 2 ”

[ Quotable ]
Look at you, look at you
Trying to make it look like nothing ever happened
It’s not new, it’s just me
And every time you say that
You bring me to my limits again
Instead we both should’ve said

● “That Isn’t You ”

[ Quotable ]
He wants me back, he’s lost
Must’ve had his kiss and tell overdose
Wants to be better, grow up and settle down
Maybe he forgot it is a small town
You sleep around, word goes around
You sleep around and you get caught
Man, he’s been around, he’s been everywhere
And I don’t think I’m down with a love that comes in pairs

● “London x Paris ”

[ Quotable ]
Take it or grieve it, grab it or just give it up
You count in minutes, the rest of us look at the clock
You’re in your own little time zone and jet lag’s a bitch
So I don’t come visit no more, but I’d visit your lips


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