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Miss Li – Love Hurts Lyrics

Love Hurts  by Miss Li
Released : 2017
Genre : Pop

What would I do if I do you?
What would you do if I say
I’m leaving this town for something better
I’m leaving the city today
What would you say if I did it?
All because of you
No, no, no, no
Can’t stay like this forever
I know how to self better
Something new?

Love, love hurts
Love hurts
When it comes to you

Will you come after me and tell me that you miss me?
Would you go down on your knees and beg?
Would you kiss me? Would it feel like a movie?
Happening [?]

Love, love hurts
Love hurts
When it comes to you

Love hurts
I’ve been holding my breath for too long
Now I’m running out of air
I’ve been crying, hoping, waiting
Do you even care?

Love hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts
Love, love hurts
Love hurts

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