Ollie – On The Real Lyrics

On The Real by Ollie
Prod. Homage
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip Hop

Momma told me to play nice, but I’m havin’ trouble with that
‘Cause lotta people quick to talk about me when they ain’t be knowin’ the facts
I thought it was pretty clear last time, I guess I’ll just say it again
You ain’t got the passion, you ain’t got the drive
That’s the reason why you will never win
All you take is L’s, this a show and tell
Me and my folk, we been doin’ well
Peter Pan in the rap game
God damn, I think I caught a spell
I do not complain, we are not the same
If I really wanted, I could say a name
Used to be a fan, now you just a lame
You will never get my money, not again, no, man!
Feelin’ like I might blow, I’m just takin’ off these days like a right probe
People used to tell me, “Stop dreaming, you’re psycho”
Hold up, wait a minute, really thinkin’ they’re right though, woo!
Quick to criticize, I been on the rise, you been askin’ why
B-b-b-b-b-byes, I’m flyin’ by
I ain’t comin’ back, I ain’t into that
Really gettin’ sick of everybody-body thinkin’-thinkin’ they can-they can rap

Why you tryna be somethin’ that you’re not?
Gang, gang, gang, yeah, cool, stop
You were never hot, you will never pop
Every song you write, all they do is flop
Tryin’ not to laugh, this is not a test
Said this what they want, I’m just givin’ back
You ain’t gettin’ ass, you just gettin’ passed
I just tell the truth, you will never last
Me and my fans, we just like a team
Either love or hate, there ain’t in-between
Bustin’ on the scene, now I’m gettin’ mean
I just dropped a video last week
Now they start to call, now they want a deal
I been saying, “No, this is gettin’ real”
Old girls tryna tell me how they feel
I don’t want the crown, I just come to kill, woo!
I can write a record a day, I never do play
So get the fuck up outta my way
It’s gettin’ hard right now, lookin’ back and I layer you
You backin’ away, I’m backin’ every word that I say
Sick of bein’ too nice like I’ve been my whole life
You will never break me down, that’s right
It’s a lyrical beatdown, oh my, now they practically beggin’ me sayin’, “Please, why?”

This for everybody back at home though
Once you talk behind my back thinkin’ I don’t know
Tryna throw me shade, I ain’t even trip
With all your respect, you ain’t worth shit
Wish that I could stop, now I’m near the top
I don’t need a chorus, I’ma let it rock
I do not delay, I don’t chase the guap
I just keep it real, people call me Hop
People call me this, people call me that
I just took the team, put it on my back
I don’t ever slack, I been under’ttack
I’m exactly what the rap game lacks
When everyone claims to be real, that means somebody is lyin’
I am not buyin’ the shit you supplyin’
You flashin’ that money, I’m sittin’ here dyin’
‘Cause I ain’t with it, I ain’t really with it
Had to say it twice incase you got it twisted
Fuck the industry, this is the point they missin’
Fans are like my label, there ain’t competition
Look at what is comin’, hardly sayin’ nothin’
I just made a job outta what I’m lovin’
Lotta rappers try to claim they really ’bout it
Said they independent, but I really doubt it

You should try and focus on your raps more instead of Instagram
You are not the man
Take a look at how you been treatin’ fans
Try to be quiet, but I really can’t
I’m just goin’ hard, tryna raise the bar
You can spend that money, that won’t get you far
It’s More Than Music, homie, and that’s comin’ from the heart
That’s comin’ from the heart

[Thanks To “Xavier” For Submitting These Lyrics]


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