Skye Steele – All That Light Lyrics

All That Light by Skye Steele
Released : 2017

Yesterday I saw a tree fall in the woods
I heard the crack and watched it crash
But of course, this proves nothing.
And all day long leaves are abducting photons,
Cruelly conscripting them into the hard life
Of matter.

So I guess that makes a forest fire a freedom fighter,
Tearing through and cutting loose
All that light
All that light
All that light.

And I finally learned how to wake up in the morning
The secret is go the fuck to sleep at night
And a little less caffeine and a little less liquor
All that clean living, I feel great, but
I guess I’m getting older
But I still need to get crazy and act out sometimes,
Get drunk with my friends and stay up all night
And walk home in the morning feeling alright
And shake my head and laugh at
All that light
All that light
All that light

From the burning heart of everything
Is all I see, it isn’t you at all,
It’s just light reflecting reflecting
As we do, invisible and indivisible
We send light flying all over
But we’re not here at all, maybe it’s
All that light
All that light
All that light

● Skye Steele – All That Light (Album Tracklist)
01. Back In The Valley
02. All That Light
03. Living A Storm
04. Stay With Me (feat. Jolie Holland)
05. What Remains
06. Take Me On
07. I Wish You Well
08. At The Waterfall
09. Red Cloud
10. The Ring

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