Goldfinger – Put The Knife Away Lyrics

Put The Knife Away by Goldfinger
Album : The Knife
Released : 2017

You say nothin matters to me
You say we got broken history
Hold the knife, away from me
You say I don’t get how you think
You say you’re closer to the brink
Hold the knife, away from me
Not closer to my neck

Always right you’re never wrong
Telling me I don’t belong
Just put the knife away and try to listen
You say you changed you stayed the same
Always driving me insane
Just put the knife away and try to listen

Never say sorry to me
Walkin on egg shells, can’t breathe
Give my life back to me
You live in darkness, no light
You scream at me and we fight
Hold my life and oversee
I’m gonna lose my mind

Those words you can’t take back
Always under attack
Hold on to alibis
Hide behind your disguise
Say you’re wrong, I will die
Never give up the fight
This life you’ve painted red
Say I’m better off dead

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