Lil Bibby x Tink – Gotta Have Some More Lyrics

Gotta Have Some More by Lil Bibby x Tink
Released : 2017
Genre : Hip Hop

Look.. Say, lemme talk to you real quick, look…

Uh! Say, girl you fine
I’m tryna make you mine
I ain’t tryna waste no time
Hop in my ride, got a whip parked outside
Got a condo, we can go slide
Know I got pride, but I put that to the side
Tink, I need that on my side
Look at them thighs, look at that waist (aye)
Look at them hips (look)
Look at that face

Yeah, she know that I’m a thug, I ain’t goin’ on a date
We can smoke a lil bud, you can come to my place
Usually after I fuck, I’ll tell a hoe to skate, but shorty so bad I just want you to stay
I’m working on a tape, I’ll fly you to the A
Know I need that when I’m in another state
Man, that shit a tease lookin’ at yo face
I miss yo smell, I miss yo taste
Aye, aye, look…
I hit it, I lick it, I hit front the front, now I’m switchin’ positions
I made you a promise, I’ll never go missing
You need me, girl watch me appear like magicians
Girl, you the one, you got all my attention
The way you make that thing stand up like attention
I beat that cat up like I’m Sonny Liston
I say “beat it up” but girl, I’ll never hit you
Whoa, whoa, who ever
Baby, I’m with ya
Beef with my lady, take you out the picture
I’ll pull up dolo, I don’t need my hitters
I’ll take you out like a granny with dentures
When I get older, might make me a mister
I want you with my last night like a sister
What a few kids, girl, lets have a whole litter
More than my lady, you know you my nigga

I think I got a real one… yeah
Yeah… Look, Baby I’m yours
You ain’t gotta question my love, I’m around if you need me to slide and get at you
I love how we rock from the bottom to the top, you was here even when you didn’t have to…
Be, fuck what they see
Fucking you slow till I’m weak in my knees
Four car garages, I put you in charge
And you love how I listen, Micheal and Pippin
Touchin’ and kissin’
I [?] at you, tell me you rolling
That’s when I show up and do work
Scratchin’ ya body, you know that you got me
We fuck till I tell you it hurts
The moment I saw you, I knew we would click, and you gotta admit I was right
The bitch you was with wasn’t never on shit, and you better with Tink in your life
Stronger than gravity, this movie deserves an academy
I feel it when you deep inside of me
Baddest, we just fuck on the balcony (Awh!)
If it’s just me and you against the world
I’ma be ya girl, I don’t wanna blow it (blow it… blow it)
Check on the way, now we up and we winnin’
Po’ a cup and you tell me you spendin’
I was true from the very beginning
We did everything that we indented
We a long ass way from them wild ass days when ya worked on the block
Moanin’ my nigga, you know you my heart and we never gon’ stop

(Bibby! Bibby, Bibby)
(I- I- I love you)
(Every man got soft spot, soft spot)
(I love you)

Lil Bibby: Say, girl you fine
I’m tryna make you mine
I ain’t tryna waste no time (time, time, time, time…)

Tink: Say, boy you fine
I ain’t tryna waste no time
I’m just tryna make you mine


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