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Lil Yachty – Moments in Time Lyrics

Moments in Time by Lil Yachty
Album : Teenage Emotions
Released : May 26, 2017
Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap
Label : Quality Control Music, LLC

Do you feel good?
Baby, do you feel good?
Do I make you feel good?
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Moments through the night, I turn to your side
Rub my index finger through your thighs
All of my life, I been feinding for a wife
I don’t wanna share
Right hand gripped with the bun of hair
Waking up without you is such a scare
Gripping on your hips while you hold the chair
At around 3, it’s just not fair
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
I don’t wanna share
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
Baby, let’s live in slow mo
I don’t wanna share
I don’t wanna share

We at a peak
Oh, you my favorite freak
Every day, every single week
It’s my job to make your knees weak
Shh, I repeat
I am not ashamed
I will not forget your name
I stood out in the rain
I feel your pain
I give you everything
I, I
The deeper I go, you feel in your toes
You know where home is (You know where home is)
Just focus (Just focus)
Are you for this? (Are you for this?)
Are you wasting my time?
Please don’t do that
Oh no, no

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02. DN Freestyle
03. Peek A Boo (Feat. Migos)
04. Dirty Mouth
05. Harley
06. All Around Me (Feat. YG and Kamaiyah)
07. Say My Name
08. All You Had to Say
09. Better (Feat. Stefflon Don)
10. Forever Young (Feat. Diplo)
11. Lady in Yellow
12. Moments in Time
13. Otha Shit (Interlude)
14. XMen (Feat. Evander Griiim)
15. Bring It Back
16. Running With the Ghost ft. Grace
17. FYI (I Know Now)
18. Priorities
19. No More
20. Made of Glass
21. Momma (Outro) (Feat. Sonyae Elise)

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[ Quotable ]
Bitch it’s G Herbo, swervin’ so much
Watch them start callin’ me Swervo
In the M6 two door drop with the turbo
Engine from Russia, my Balmains for Bergdorf
My lil ho from Merlow
Killas like Marlo
Come to your block, shoot it up with no sorrows
Still ride with Glocks and them chops over lanos
Let off them shells have you duckin’ your taco and come back tomorrow
Maison Like Capo, Rollie a Beamer, my bracelet a Tahoe

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[ Quotable ]
Stay with my dogs like Ja Rule mane
22 dips I got 22 diamonds
Bust at your faculty anytime
Bought a new coat, it cost 3,500
I wear that lil bitch like it’s wintertime
Beat on that pussy from 9 to 5
No stoppin’, yeah nigga I’m energized
Nigga run up, that’s an uppercut
Now you took all my niggas on go
Slipknot, cut throat
Real head honcho, bitch