Bryson Tiller – In Check Lyrics

In Check by Bryson Tiller
Album : True To Yourself
Released : 2017
Genre : R&B
Label : TrapSoul/RCA Records

Yeah, when

When I look you in your face
I see a good girl who deserves better than me (better than me)
You remember that other night in my bedroom? On top of my bed
I remember the things that you said

Sometimes I forget
Sometimes you gotta put me in check, ayy
In check, yeah, in check, yeah
In check, yeah, in check, yeah

Hollywood, set back
3 hours, I’m jet-lagged
Still tryna lay up with somethin’
Can’t believe I just said that
Album, overdue
You would find it hard to focus too
If you met the women I have
Hard not to get side tracked, oh woah
Hey, don’t know where my mind at
Hoping you can help find that
I wish I could rewind back (I love you)
Way back so you could put me
Put me in check, yeah, in check, yeah
What did I do to you?
Made a fool of you
I know they told you I’d never be true to you
I’m losing you, losing you
I miss you in my bedroom, on top of my bed
How could I forget what you said?

Sometimes I forget
And sometimes you gotta put me in check, ayy
In check, yeah, in check, yeah
In check, yeah, in check, yeah

Baby, no
Baby, no, no

○ Bryson Tiller – True To Yourself (Album Tracklist)
01. Rain On Me (Intro)
02. No Longer Friends
03. Don’t Get Too High
04. Blowing Smoke
05. We Both Know
06. You Got It
07. In Check
08. Self-Made
09. Run Me Dry
10. High Stakes
11. Rain Interlude
12. Teach Me a Lesson
13. Stay Blessed
14. Money Problems / Benz Truck
15. Set It Off
16. Nevermind This Interlude
17. Before You Judge
18. Somethin Tells Me
19. Always (Outro)

○ Listen to “Bryson Tiller” Songs

● “Don’t ”

[ Quotable ]
If you were mine you would not get the same
If you were mine you would top everything
Suicide in the drop switchin’ lanes
And that thing so fire, baby, no propane
Got good pussy, girl, can I be frank?
To keep it one-hundred, girl, I ain’t no saint
But he the only reason that I’m feelin’ this way

● “Sorry Not Sorry ”

[ Quotable ]
Give hope to my niggas, them niggas love money
Adios to them bitches, can’t get a hug from me
I’m high on life, that’s what it does for me
My numbers goin’ up, I feel a buzz comin’ (one up)

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